• Pratique et cours

I have been living in India for 18 years and yoga was a revelation as soon as I arrived. At the age of 3, with a mom as physical education teacher I was already doing splits and forward rolls. I had big ambitions and was already preparing for the Olympics! I was doing high level athletics and my body kept the memory of this. My body was for a long time a tool and yoga seemed like a logical continuity. I started with Vinyasa, a sort of Hatha yoga, calm and based on synchronized breathing. The goal is to enter a sort of meditation while staying in movement. Then Kundalini yoga came along my road…I was lucky to learn in Amritsar, a sacred Sikh site in India. This practice immediately stirred me. I could feel it was helping my. body as well as my soul. My thoughts were clearer and my emotions easier to deal with. I started taking notice of that little voice that is always sabotaging, judging, comparing. A new world opened up and I took conscience of my own power, unlimited. Kundalini allowed me to find the source of life (prana) inside myself and how to use it. I therefore quickly adopted the practice and became myself an instructor. I have recently trained myself to hormonal yoga that is specifically for women with fertility problems as well as women with menopausal symptoms. It is a softer form of practice than kundalini, centered on breathing (bhastrika) and visualization. [/vc_column_text]