Surya mudra Croix Collier


Surya Mudra Croix Pendant Necklace with adjustable Chain.
925 Silver 22 K gold plated uniquely crafted in India.
Length of Shortest Dangling Chain: 41 cm Length of Longest Dangling Chain: 46 cm.
Stones: Faceted Round Pink Tourmaline 1.5 mm and 2 mm. Faceted Round Green Peridot 1.5 mm. Cabachons Water Pearl 1.5 mm.
Pendant: Height: 23 mm, Width: 10 mm.
Delivered in a pouch to protect your jewelry on a daily basis. This pouch is made from waste fabric by Afghan refugees women in India.

Used by yogis for more than 3000 years, the mudra is a symbolic posture of the hands which when stimulated by the fingers with light pressure has a positive influence on our brain and body. Thanks to these postures, our physical state is harmonized, our emotions are better guided and our ability to concentrate increases. This magical form of finger language brings well-being.

The Sun Mudra (“Surya”) is performed by placing the right thumb on the nail of the right ring finger when sitting comfortably in the lotus position. The palm of your left hand is resting on your left knee. Place your right thumb on the nail of your right ring finger and apply gentle pressure. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly through your nose – this strengthens the nervous system, improves digestion and burns excess fat in the body.

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