Bo 5 Elements Longue Summer


5 Elements Summer Long Earrings crafted with 5 gemStones.
925 Silvers 22 K gold plated uniquely crafted in India.
Stones: Square 3 mm Pink Tourmaline, Green Peridot, Round 2 mm. and 3mm. Blue Topaz, Amethyst Rectangle 3X5 mm Citrine.
Earring Length: 83 mm
Delivered in a pouch to protect your jewelry on a daily basis. This pouch is made from waste fabric by Afghan refugees women in India.

Teaching yoga to many women, I am aware of the importance of internal harmony in order to live a fulfilling and less stressed life. According to the teachings of yoga and Ayurveda, we are made up of five elements: earth, fire, wind, water and space. Each of these elements must be balanced to live a better life.
The 5 Elements collection is made up of healing stones that when worn together help balance our internal elements. These jewels allow us to stay in harmony with our bodies and to better connect with the world around us.

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