9 Planetes Bracelet


9 Planets adjustable Bracelet with Red Drawstring closure.
925 Silver 22 K gold plated uniquely crafted in India.
Stones: Faceted Oval Green Onyx 3X5 mm. Faceted Round 2 mm. Citrine, Garnet, Red Onyx, Iolite, Whte Zircon, Cabachons Round 2 mm Water pearl, Tiger Eye, Manmade Coral.
Pendant: Length: 12.50 mm, Width: 10.50 mm.
Delivered in a pouch to protect your jewelry on a daily basis. This pouch is made from waste fabric by Afghan refugees women in India.

The “9 Planets” collection is inspired by the concept of “Navratna”, which means “nine gems” in Sanskrit. In Vedic or Hindu astrology, jewellery with nine particular stones, mounted in a circular arrangement has celestial power. The stones connect directly to the nine planets of the solar system and grants prosperity to the wearer.

Invite abundance into your life with the colourful pieces from the 9 Planets collection.

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