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Mahakranta Meditation

I have chosen  this meditation because it is one of the mudras of the holistic collection. This meditation is accompanied by a mantra that has to be chanted aloud and it is very important to visualize the light and the heat passing through your body.

Raise both hands to the height of your face, elbows pointing down. Turn the palms toward the face, side by side. Feel your hands become soft and warm, visualizing the light of the rising sun shining upon your body. Imagine this warm light radiating through your palms and into our face, filling your body with light. Start with five minutes. The Mahakranta Mudra will evoke feelings of devotion and surrender it will reinforce your immune system and help fight illness.

Music to. accompany : The miracle of healing (RA MA DA SA) Jai jagdeesh Or kundalini devotion Asana Perkins : 3 or 7, 11, 32 min that can be found on youtube