Holistic Story

«I wanted to create symbolic jewellery for the soul by following the principles of Vastu Shastra. This Hindu belief is designed to create a symbiosis of nature, environment, architecture, and conscience.»

Dorothée Sausset


The ‘Buren’ collection was designed in India, where I reside. It was inspired by the columns of the Palais Royal in Paris, their iconic geometry and black and white palette. I love this area and the Parisian spirit that also evokes Coco Chanel. It is also a place of hope, as visitors make wishes by throwing coins at the central column. The collection plays with empty space and matter, which follow one another on the links of the chain and the body of the ring. The free and empty parts represent…

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The temple represents the space within our serenity. It is a sacred place where we can feel safe, take care of ourselves and revitalize. It is energy and inner peace, which also flourish in the privacy of our homes. The "temple" pendants and earrings from the "Temple" collection embody these secret gardens and treasures, to which only we have the key.

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I hold the memory of the magical years whilst living in Cuba close to me through the multicoloured beaded necklaces and bracelets. These protective jewels are symbols of the "Orishas", Afro-Cuban deities. The collection crosses inspiration and is an ode to the power of nature through the colors of beads and stones.I invite you to choose a symbolic "Orishas" piece whose colour will evoke in you strength and protection and accompany you on your own journeys.

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9 Planètes

The "9 Planets" collection is inspired by the concept of "Navratna", which means "nine gems" in Sanskrit. In Vedic or Hindu astrology, jewellery with nine particular stones, mounted in a circular arrangement has celestial power. The stones connect directly to the nine planets of the solar system and grants prosperity to the wearer. Invite abundance into your life with the colourful pieces from the 9 Planets collection.

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In Hindi, "Rakhi" means "protection" and is also an important festival celebrated in India by Hindus. On this occasion, brothers and sisters exchange a "rakhi", a bracelet that they tie on each other's wrists, as a sign of affection and a promise of protection. The collection revisits these traditional jewels, as many links that unite us. The red thread reinforces the symbol of the fire element which brings strength and security.

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5 Elements

Teaching yoga to many women, I am aware of the importance of internal harmony in order to live a fulfilling and less stressed life. According to the teachings of yoga and Ayurveda, we are made up of five elements: earth, fire, wind, water and space. Each of these elements must be balanced to live a better life. The 5 Elements collection is made up of healing stones that when worn together help balance our internal elements. These jewels allow us to stay in harmony with our bodies and to better…

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Dorothée Sausset reinvents the mudra as a piece of jewellery. A « mudra » is a symbolic posture of the fingers that seeks to harmonise physical and emotional states. It is often used in yoga and meditation. This magical form of sign language brings well-being. In our collection, each mudra is accompanied by a meditation.

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According to ancient Hindu culture, thali symbolizes love and union. Love begins with oneself and then expands throughout our lives to many types of love, from romantic love to parental love to the love of another. Each Thali pendant celebrates love in a different form. Create your own love story by layering, mixing and matching your thalis.

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